BatchJHaml Update

I’ve updated BatchJHaml to support sub directories. If you set the last argument to true, it’ll generate the Haml file in subdirectories as well. Do note that the layout folder will be omitted.

Here is a sample from my build.xml

<target name="run">
  <java fork="true" 
      <path refid="classpath"/>
      <path location="${dist}/BatchJHaml.jar"/>
    <arg value="${haml.path}"/>
    <arg value="${haml.layout.path}"/>
    <arg value="${haml.output.path}"/>
    <arg value="${haml.output.extension}"/>
    <arg value="${haml.javascript.path}"/>
    <arg value="${haml.stylesheet.path}"/>
    <arg value="${haml.recursive}" />
    </java><echo message="${javaoutput}" />

For example if you have the following in your haml folder,

  |-- someDir
        `- baz.haml
  `- bar.haml

The resulting jsp folder will look like this

  |-- someDir
        `- baz.jsp
  `- bar.jsp

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