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I work as a Senior Java Developer at Movideo. Movideo is a media centric online video platform (OVP). Over here, we’re pretty much dealing with video encodings, Lucene, Hibernate, Spring, Struts and some analytics stuff. We’ve recently moved to the Microsoft Azure Platform. From this project, I’ve dipped my hands in abit of C# and Python.

Java may not be the most beautiful language in the world, but it provides a stable platform and the community emphasizes more on Software Architecture, Design and Best Practices. This was when I first heard of JUnit and started my voyage with Test Driven Development (TDD). Some of you may laugh at this statement, but it really was the best platform for server side applications back in 2004.

My Free Time

When I’m not spending time with my wife, I enjoy playing around with tech stuff and reading about software development. When I don’t feel like facing my computer or reading, I’ll be playing/composing music or go out for a run. Due to the Azure migration, I had to install Windows 7 on my MacBook Pro. And because of this, I’m back into PC gaming…….

Email: benson at progriff.com
Twitter: @pugnusferreus

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